Epson Debuts Smart Glasses For Enterprise And Sports Stadium Fun

i wonder if this can replace my cellphone screen, and give me a way to control the sony wireless camera, i like this for mobile computing, photo tweaking, internetting!


Epson is going after Google with its own heads-up display glasses. The Moverio BT-200 is a head-controlled device with a screen that overlays a transparent computer monitor in the center of the user’s field of vision. The clunky, conspicuous form factor is mainly designed for enterprises, such as allowing assembly line workers to scan UPC codes automatically and get real-time inventory by looking around the room.

Smart glass software developer APX, which originally designed the device’s Skylight operating system, is partnering with Epson for their projector manufacturing prowess. “These glasses are essentially two small LCD projectors,” says Anna Jen, Epson’s Director of New Ventures (demo below).

The device itself works smoothly. I demoed a gaming application, where I had to look around the room for virtual white “beacons”. To upgrade my video game motorcycle with turrets, I centered my field of vision over the white lights situated at eye level. It’s…

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