Socialism is not the Answer to Capitalism

thought provoking videos inside, about usury, and a TED talk on money!

Real Currencies

(Left: the deeply troubled Karl Marx was used by the Banking Fraternity to create the evil dialectical twin to Capitalism, for the purposes of organizing the opposition and directing history)

Capitalism redistributes from the many to the few. It is a global monopoly in private hands.

Socialism then goes on to claim private property is the problem. It says this will be solved by nationalizing it. It is a monopoly in State hands.

But what good does it for the poor if the wealth is transferred from the rich to the State? Especially when we consider that the extremely wealthy have always owned the State? It is for that reason they financed Marx and the Bolshevist revolution, after all.

Capital intends to consolidate its private monopoly in State hands, in a World Government.

The problem is not private property. The problem is too much private property in too few…

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One thought on “Socialism is not the Answer to Capitalism

  1. Marx was a socialist? An early communist theorist, yes. Let us all remember that there never has been a communist state, only the pre-communist form: the dictatorship of the proletariat. And that’s pretty much universal now, in all systems. Still, socialism is a different beast than communism, although one also not immune to proletarian populism, which is now often identified with democracy (just ask the Tea Party folks), just as was the Sandinista revolution back in the day. Further, John Lukacs has said many times that the prevalent form of government today is National Socialism, and that it has been this way since about 1942, Stalin’s bureaucracy and Roosevelt’s America included. Plus the ideology out of the extreme right in Germany today claims that Nationalism (i.e. neo-nazism) is the only true communism. A very complex business. Socialism and private property and communism have a far more complex relationship than this, with many other branches. I had to laugh, though. This post was like reading Pound’s money tracts all over again. Go, Ezra, go!

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