Kings of Corruption | Freedom

Kings of Corruption | Freedom.

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An exerpt:

How is it possible?  This is a question that many of you have likely been asking yourselves for some time.

How is it possible that so many things that are so bad for men, women, children, the planet get so much money. Further, how is it possible that there is so much evidence to show that these things are bad and yet governments, health agencies etc.   do nothing.

In fact, government agencies and their agents within them, promote these things, they lie, cheat and steal to make sure that all the things the general population knows are outright terrible are pushed upon us, mostly without our say.

In this post, I am going to try and show you why this happens.


Along side asking yourself how is it possible, you have likely always had another voice that chimes in and says ‘follow the money’ Most often, that voice, and some research behind it shows the same thing every time. It is also said that money is the root of all evil. I tend to say humans are the root of all money. While not all humans are evil per se, it seems that those that are most evil always end up in the same positions. If this is not true, then please someone explain to me the reason for the shape of the world today AFTER reading this post. Apathy of the population can be put forward. But one must learn, that even in the face of outright action by many, fences, walls… fortresses have been built to protect the system at large. At the same time ALL walls can come down, these are no different.

These walls started to get built a long, long time ago, by money men, their lawyers and the politicians who would do their bidding, including sell out their own children and entire nations for 1 dollar more. Let’s look at some of the current means by which this goes on: PENSION PLANS. Note, I have no issues with pensions, unions, the public sector vs the private etc. I am also well aware that many people simply do not know this is going on. Further to that, it is obvious that while there are a large portion of people within agencies that want to hurt people for profit, there are many still that would just as quickly end the purchase of shares in these companies.

Having said that, let’s start in BC.


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