Monsanto wins court case from the organic movement in court

More than 50 organic farmers and seed dealers filed suit against Monsanto in 2011, seeking to block any lawsuits should trace amounts of Monsanto’s altered genes contaminate their crops.Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit became the latest court to side with Monsanto in the case. From Reuters: In its ruling Monday, the appellate court said the organic growers must rely on Monsanto assurances on the company’s website that it will not sue them so long as the mix [of biotech crops into their organic crops] is very slight. “Monsanto’s binding representations remove any risk of suit against the appellants as users or sellers of trace amounts less than one percent of modified seed,” the court stated in its ruling. … Andrew Kimbrell, a lawyer with the Center for Food Safety, which joined as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said the decision made no sense. “It is a very bizarre ruling that relies on a paragraph on a website,” he said. “It is a very real threat to American farmers. This is definitely appealable.” In its ruling Monday, the court noted that records indicate a large majority of conventional seed samples have become contaminated by Monsanto’s Roundup resistance trait.Memo to federal judges: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet — and don’t believe anything Monsanto posts on the internet.

Monsanto wins courtcase from organic farmers via Grist


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