Ten New Commercial Fruit Crops for the Okanagan

growing food without any additional inputs of water, away from the overpopulated bottom land, is a resilient, sustainable strategy!

Okanagan Okanogan

When the Okanagan was first settled by Europeans and Americans, they planted European and American crops, although the hills were covered in food.


Peaches, Such as This Now-Dying Tree, Were Originally Planted as Part of the Healing Process and Economic Recovery that Followed the American Civil War

They were plants of peace. This particular tree was planted by a Japanese-Canadian farmer as part of the healing process following the internment camps of World War II. We need new plants for a new peace.

When I started this blog, I promised practical applications. There have been many. To start recapping them, here are some fruit crops that we could grow for new industries, water conservation, increased species diversity, removal of agricultural and population pressure from the hot, dry, pressurized valley bottom, reduction in chemical farming, less food waste, and a culture with hope and opportunity for young people.


The Hills areā€¦

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