Naomi Klein puts the envionment front and centre.

Naomi Klein on putting the environment as an organising principle and the terrible Canadian extractive record

NΚ: You know, we try to follow all the repression that surrounds the Canadian extractive industries around the world, not just gold mining, copper mining, all kinds of mining. This is the largest export industry in Canada for an investment industry, and then I started to see it was not only the mines, it was also the oil, the gas, the water and really there is a race on, to extract and privatize Greece’s natural resources in a way that is very destructive to the environment and disastrous for climate change because we are talking about fossil fuels, we are talking about lignite coal, gas, oil, all the worst stuff. So… and deforestation, which accompanies mining. And I know this is not what the Greek debate is focused on right now, I know people are expecting me to be talking only just about the economic policies but I really think we need to be looking at these connections much more closely so that is what I am doing here. I am doing research for my next book and looking at the attacks on the environment here under the guise of the economic crisis. JU: I could argue that in Greece the environmental problem is part of the argument in two ways. The one way that it appears [is that] we have a major movement in Skouries, an activists’ and citizens’ movement that spread across Greece partly or mostly through the alternative media of course to be honest, and when the oppression came, it made its appearance in the big mass media. In the other part is that Greek politicians use what they think is the richness of Greece’s soil, so like the extraction of oil or gas, and use it as the biggest way, they present to us as the biggest way to get out of the crisis or one of the biggest ways, the investments in that areas. How do you think we should answer to that? NΚ: Those arguments are to me the textbook example of how crisis is used to attack the environment to deepen in the climate crisis. This is the way in which the Greek people are explicitlly told: “if you drill for oil and gas in the Ionian Sea and in the Aegean then you will somehow escape austerity” and I read articles where this was made very explicit. I read one piece, a Reuters’ piece, most of it is not translated into English, it was one writer’s piece that exclusively said the amount that Greece imports in oil and gas, and the amount it spends importing oil and gas is the same amount the foreign creditors want, so if you drill oil and gas then you don’t need the austerity. So obviously this is a tremendously seductive argument for people who are suffering so profoundly and I think it’s, to be honest, massively immoral to make that argument because it is a lie. I mean its a complete …

via radiobubble – international: Naomi Klein @ Radiobubble: Climate change is our best argument against free trade – Mozilla Firefox.


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