The Future Economy is Here

so much energy, chemicals, bank payments to produce mass produced food. Instead we can follow permaculture advice to reduce energy and inputs, just relax and let the weeds grow, many wild plants that people fight but are so well adapted and self seed .
In our garden we let many greens self seed, and we have food year round, thanks to kale and collards that can be harvested all winter.

Okanagan Okanogan

On Friday (click), I mentioned that the future is here. Now. Not tomorrow. Not on the second Tuesday after the signing of the Keystone Pipeline Accord. Right now. Look up. There it is!  It is just a matter of learning to see it. Here, this is what it looks like, in case it’s night or your window has curtains…


Lambs Quarters in the Spring Sun

In a world of monocultural agriculture, in urban configurations that include huge amounts of waste space, and in which most space is not productive of life, the earth sends forth lambs quarters to heal the soil. To capitalist agricultural traditions, this is called a weed and is actively suppressed. So is the economy that it supports.

It is amazing. Wherever the soil is removed from life, which is a complex series of mutually-supportive relationships unfolding in time (an economy, if I’ve ever heard of one)…

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