excellent story on things maps can tell us, well researched, copious examples!

Stephen Liddell

Do you ever go on an unexpected diversion?  I’ve just been on one and I haven’t left my desk.  Diversions happen all the time.  Sometimes they can be good such as when you’re browsing Wikipedia intent on looking up a specific fact only to end up several mouse clicks away.   I’m diverted all the time at work, starting off doing what I intended only for the phone to ring, emails to arrive, the fax machine to jam and before I know it I am 6 0r 7 tasks away from the job that was urgent 2 hours ago.  I might remember that original task but the chances of remember task 2 or 3 after completing diversion 7 is less good.

I do get diverted a lot in the garden, in the shops even on the television remote control.  Maybe it is because life is so fluid.  I could have a…

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