Building with mudbricks, also called cob housing

I Visited a very hardworking ecovillage on Vancouver Island called  O.U.R. Ecovillage,

These people spent years twisting arms with all kinds of regulatory bodies like building inspection, land use planning, and such.

They have brought in talented builders from other cultures to show what can be done with locally sourced materials of low cost and simple techniques that owner builders can learn!


Here is a map of the place, i especially liked the layout with the gardens adjacent and downhill from the barnyard!

there were lots of raised beds with trickle irrigation tubing in each, and plenty of mulch all over them.

The tour was led by a very inspiring brandy who walked the talk of community and ecological awareness all her life.

sweatlodge, brandy

Here she talks about the sweatlodge that is used with local indian band members, second from left.

Here is the front door of the artist’s residence with all kinds of custom built ins and pretty see through glass in the walls:artistresidenceentry

Another house with bottles built into the walls for light and decoration:



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