food security activist voted heroine of the year by Utne Reader

food security activistvoted heroine of the year by Utne Reader

Engaging local residents – instigating ecological projects – building regenerative systems

Social Ecologies creates durational projects that aim to build healthy habitat and interaction through direct engagement of place with those who dwell there. Social Ecologies seeks to encourage holistic, systematic thinking through varying levels and degrees of project participation. Projects are typically birthed and supported for several years for substantial research, learning and dialogue to develop and ideas to emerge and become embodied in continued action.

– Nance Klehm Social Ecologies Founder and Director of Operations

About Nance Klehm
Nancy Klehm is a steward of the earth. For over two decades she has designed landscape, taught ecological systems and built food systems in collaboration with others. Her approach is one of instigation and activation of already existent communities, and her work demonstrates her commitment to redefining the way human populations coexist with plant and animal systems on this planet.

Nancy has worked on projects for the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago Park District, the Field Museum of Natural


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